The Power of Resiprocity


This Event

Conscious Capitalism NYC and The Spaghetti Project invite you to be part of our first Conscious Collaboration Circle – an interactive experience designed to help you tap the wisdom, support, and connections of conscious business leaders throughout New York City.

The Why

 The Conscious Collaboration Circle is one of the many ways Conscious Capitalism NYC has planned to empower its community members to thrive in 2017 and beyond. Using the power of collaboration, this experience is designed to help attendees reach personal and professional goals.

How it Works:

  1. Share an offer of help and/or a request for support.
  2. A facilitator will guide small teams (circles) through a conversation to make connections between community members with complementary offerings and needs.
  3. Following the circles, participants will enjoy a spaghetti dinner and continue the dialogue informally.
  4. Participants should follow up with those they’ve met to make good on offers of support.

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