In The Workplace

This Event

Join Conscious Capitalism for our gathering of women and men interested in gaining a better understanding of The Feminine Principle: the heart-centered, intuitive, and creative energy that leads to prosperity and abundance.

The Why

This event is an invitation to all NYC business and community leaders who share the belief that a better understanding of The Feminine and a bold incorporation of Her power is essential to the healing needed for people and planet.

How it Works:

We will gather; sit in circle; dialogue; and engage in┬áhands-on exploration of creative tools and practices to bring these energies to work for you and your business. You can help shape this┬áspecial community. It’s time to come together, rise up, and insist on the value of empathy, receptivity, connection, nurturing and other feminine gifts as they present in both women and men.

Next Event

None scheduled at this time, but stay tuned…