Together, we will realize capitalism’s full potential to create value for all stakeholders.

Our Objectives

Our objective is to dramatically speed up the pace of change in how businesses operate by supporting and engaging with individuals and organizations that strive to be conscious

Objective 1

Grow and strengthen a community of NYC-based conscious capitalists.

Objective 2

Help our tribe thrive by supporting one another to realize personal and professional success.

Objective 3

Deepen our community’s understanding and practice of concepts related to Conscious Capitalism.

The Conscious Investors Forum

The Conscious Investors Forum is a catalyst to convene, educate and connect purpose-driven investors. CCNYC supports Forum members to identify conscious investment opportunities, create purpose-driven investment vehicles, and recognize conscious investment successes.

The $10 Billion Challenge

Our objective is to dramatically speed up the pace of change in how businesses operate by supporting and engaging with individuals and organizations that strive to be conscious

Wall Street and other capital allocators play a pivotal role in influencing how organizations behave. At CCNYC, we are engaging investors to bring much-needed capital to those conscious companies that are changing the narrative about the purpose of business.

In 2017, we formed the Conscious Investors Forum. The Forum, spearheaded by a Founder’s Circle of some of the most prominent mission-driven investors in the world, will drive an additional $10BB to conscious companies across all asset classes by 2019.

Who We Are

In the Spring of 2013, five individuals gathered to start a local chapter in NYC. From the start, it was clear that our existence in one of the world’s global financial centers presented an opportunity to engage Wall Street in driving capital towards conscious businesses.

Today, our chapter has strong leadership, hundreds of active members, and ongoing opportunities to bring our community together for learning, sharing, and activating the principles of conscious capitalism within our diverse roles and industries. We are united by a shared desire to make work more meaningful, to spread prosperity responsibly, and to redirect investment to the companies walking the walk of conscious capitalism.

As our chapter continues to mature, we celebrate the fact that consciousness is now part of the mainstream dialogue about how to make business and society function better as integrated parts of the same whole. B-Corp, The B Team, Shared Value Initiative and other emergent groups are complementary to our objectives. We support their efforts and seek opportunities to partner with them to drive change.

We all recognize that there is significant work to be done to facilitate the ongoing transition towards widespread adoption of these management practices.

Our community is united by a common belief that Conscious Capitalism is a powerful force for improving the human condition and creating enduring value for all stakeholders.

We hope you’ll join us

Meet The Board

Danny Dworkin
Co-Chair of the Board

Noel Boyland
Co-Chair of the Board and Head of Programming

Rai-mon Nemar Barnes
Head of PR and Marketing

Kim Goei
Head of Finance, Development and Membership

Andrea Cotter
Head of Conscious Culture event series

Mickey Feher
Head of Conscious Leadership event series

JP Laqueur
Head of Higher Purpose event series

Emileena Pedigo
Head of Events Promotion

Jeff Cherry
Board Member

Schuyler Brown
Board member

Peter Laughter
Board member