Our Story

In 2013, Raj Sisodia and John Mackey published a book that would launch a movement. Conscious Capitalism’s primary gifts were a clear explanation of why Purpose-driven businesses thrive, and compelling stories and data showing how conscious companies create value for multiple stakeholders.

In 2014, five individuals gathered to start a local Conscious Capitalism chapter in New York City. Over time, our community grew to include thousands of active members who believe in the power of business to do well by doing good.

As our chapter matured, we celebrated the fact that consciousness is becoming part of the mainstream dialogue about how to make business and society function better as integrated parts of the same whole. We also recognized that there is significant work to be done to realize this vision.

We are energized by the possibility of accelerating progress towards an enlightened future, intensifying our focus on helping people unleash their full potential, and facilitating meaningful, rewarding connections between members of our tribe.

Our Purpose & Values

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to support New Yorkers to live, play and lead consciously. We are united by a common belief that a more prosperous, equitable, and regenerative tomorrow is not only possible – it’s well within our grasp if we band together to unleash our community’s full potential. We hope you’ll join us.


Our Values

Conscious Capitalism NYC believes that change starts with individuals. That’s why we’re committed to helping people to discover their Purpose, live their best lives, and unleash their full potential.

We also embrace the power of community, organization and collective impact. Creating a future grounded in consciousness will not be achieved by any single person. We are stronger together – as one united force of conscious New Yorkers. 

Finally, Conscious Capitalism NYC upholds the virtue of business as activism. By moving beyond a myopic focus on maximizing shareholder returns to seeking win-win solutions for all stakeholders, we will help conscious people and companies serve as a powerful force for good.

We operate in a spirit of inclusion, integrity, and respect. We are driven to strengthen the role of conscious people and organizations in society by acting as conveners, catalysts and coaches for positive change makers throughout the five boroughs and beyond.

Our Objectives

Convene, coach and catalyze the community of conscious New Yorkers to:

Objective 1

Realize and advance their higher purpose

Objective 2

Contribute meaningful value to both people and planet

Objective 3

Live healthier, happier and more adventurous lives

Our 1M Conscious Connection Challenge

 Conscious Capitalism NYC is committed to unleashing our communities’ full potential to create a more abundant, just and joyful future. Doing so will demand unparalleled levels of collaboration between those people striving for change.


By 2020, we will facilitate one million “conscious connections” between purpose-driven New Yorkers.

It is through these relationships – and the exchange of ideas, love and support inherent in them – that we will create a better tomorrow. We imagine thousands of lifelong friendships formed, inspiring projects carried out and game-changing businesses launched as a product of our work together.

Meet The Board

JP Laqueur
Chair of the Board

Emily Price
Local Engagement Support Manager

Danny Dworkin

Rai-mon Nemar Barnes

Noel Boyland

Andrea Cotter

Mickey Feher

Donate To the Cause

One way to help the New York City Chapter is to donate funds. Donating helps maintain our great programming. We appreciate your support.

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